Risupeto is a harvester head, a tree shear and a forest clearing device. A energy wood harvester to put it briefly. Risupeto is easy to use and durable. It's purpose is to produce non limbed energy wood efficiently. Risupeto makes the job faster in comparison to more traditional work methods.

Risupeto handels jobs from tending of a seedling stand to first thinning. It is most productive on sites that have been neglected and left uncleared. Risupeto does the clearing mechanically in connection with energy logging. There is no need for clearing the undergrowth unlike with a harvester. Dependig on the site, a lumberjack can leave up to 20 00 kg's of energy mass to the site making a forwarder drivers job more difficult and moving in the forest harder. When done with Risupeto, all the energy wood is claimed and put to use.  


Risupeto cuts the trees with disc blades and moves them to intermediate storage compartment quickly and continuously meaning that you dont have to handle the trunks individually. Risupeto collects trees up from 1 to 30cm in diameter. The collected bundle of trunks is unloaded by simply rotating the blades on the opposite direction. The disc blades crushes the tree stumps which should prevent sprouting due to faster drying of the stump. Any soil between the blades does not harm them as it easily would with saw chains. The machines blades and collecting device rotate slow compared to traditional crushers or saw chain devices which means that there is no risk of catapulting stones towards bystanders. Working width is one meter and because of that working in tight spaces is no problem.

Risupeto is attached to an excavator or a harvester with an land construction boom or such. Risupeto also requires a bucket rotator. Risupeto is not recommended to be used with a harvester boom because lack of efficiency.


Excavator requirements 
- Recommended excavator size 16 - 20 t
- Hydraulic hammer line 2-way

- Operation pressure 340 - 400 bar
- Oilfolw capacity recommendation 150 - 200 l/min

Hydraulic connectors
- Picker rollers 1'' rotating connectors
- Drain line 3/4'' secured quick connectors
- Locking line 3/8" secured quick connectors

- Width 970 mm
- Height 2000 mm
- Weight 1290 kg (with options)

Danger zone 30 m

Requires a bucket rotator


Bundle control latches
- Closes the cargo space hydraulically in addition with the rubber flaps

Hydraulic extension
- Extra reach 600 mm

Risupeto Edition track support beams for excavator
- More durability and weight


Risupeto was built to enhance energy wood harvesting. We also wanted to put our excavator to work outside land construction season. 

The very first Risupeto was built during 2017 and 2018. Another prototype was made in 2020-2021. Both prototypes are still in use. A series of three first production versions were then made before the current model.


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