The track support beams installed on the crawler excavator significantly extend the life of the undercarriage in forest operations. The support beams stabilize the machine significantly when driving on an uneven surface

However, traditional track guides are problematic in terms of usability, because they are welded to the lower frame and make maintenance difficult, such as changing the lower support rollers. Traditional guides are not reasonably switched to other excavators due to their way of stacking. In general, they have thus far only been machine-specific.

Risupeto Edition track support beams are made of high-quality steel, which guarantees their durability. Thanks to their durability and installability, they can be changed from one excavator to another. It is also possible to change wider tracks to the same support beams.

The idea of ​​Risupeto Edition track support beam is to increase the mass of (too) light and small excavator for forest work, while for digging work the skis/extra mass can be removed if necessary. The normal working range of a small excavator (16t) is not sufficient to reach the standard furrow spacing (20m) used in forestry. Because of this, the small excavator is added with an extension boom and a counterweight brought by the support beams. The Risupeto energy wood harvester is able to collect a huge mass of wood on board, which means that the machine, which is too light, may tip over without additional weight. This also enables the use of lighter basic machines in forest management with Risupeto

Risupeto Edition track support beams are available with 40 mm frame steel (2500 kg) and 20 mm frame steel (1250 kg), depending on how much you want to increase the working weight of the excavator. 20 mm beams can also be installed in pairs.